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What is an Interview, Types and Rounds in 2021

what is an interview

An interview is essential conversation between interviewer that asks questions, and the candidate provides answers as per position or as per experience.

A good interview should be more of a two-way conversation between the applicant and the potential future employer.It’s a chance for you to get to know each other and find out whether there’s a good fit of skills, experience, and attitude.It’s an opportunity for candidates to market themselves and let their future employer see the benefits you could bring to the role. The more we talk to recruiters, the more we find they’re looking for attitude.They will often make allowances for your skills (they can train you) and your experience (if you can prove you pick things up fast), as long as you have the right attitude.So what’s the “right” attitude?Someone who will genuinely interested in the company and whom they think will fit in with the culture and the team.All the more reason why you should make sure you are natural and relaxed in the job discussion.

Interview Types

There are various types of discussion with candidates, Common types are given below.

  1. The Telephonic discussion: Interviewer ask question or discussion over the phone or mobile.
  2. The Video discussion: It’s a video conferencing discussion where the candidate has to on his camera and mic.
  3. The Panel discussion: Discussion with one or more interviewers.
  4. Aptitude test: Written or online exam with some mix or technical related questions asked.
  5. Individual (face-to-face) Interviews: One on one discussion on company premises.

Interview Rounds

  • Technical Round
  • Managerial Round
  • Client or project related Round
  • HR Round


The candidate must have to know before going for a discussion with the interviewer, what is an interview its type, and rounds according to the position.

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